Moon rabbit by kotorikurama
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Story: The true Antevasins (Sanskrit for ‘one who lives between two worlds’ or ‘one who lives at the border’) of this world. The Yokai are the spirits/demons of Japanese folklore. They are the true, soul children of Mother Luna, with no immortal father tied to them. Lunar bore them to teach all of the children of gods a lesson and hopefully one day dispel the hate between the Okami and the Hikari. They were born the tricksters, the sages, the mystics, some even well known healers. They are highly respected by all the children of gods, especially the Hikari and the Okami. Though their births are rare, when a yokai is born into either a Hikari or Okami family, it is seen as a sign that Mother Luna has had her eye on them and is either teaching them a lesson or blessing them. Yokai are permitted on the floating islands, the earth among the Okami, and the forbidden lands devoted to Okami and Hikari pairings but can usually be found in the Yokai village. Yokai generally work wherever they can. Many have devoted their lives to Mother Luna’s shrine garden and/or protecting those that reside in the forbidden lands to make sure they are kept safe from the Hikari, specifically since Mother Luna has ordered this land protected. The Yokai have the ability to understand and speak both the avian and wolf tongue, as well as Common.

Appearance: There are a wide variety of Yokai in a vast array of appearances. They can range from Moon Rabbits, Kitsunes, etc. Descriptions of all Yokai can be found here:

Stereotypes on Miscegenation (mixed race pairings): The Yokai have no negative thoughts on miscegenation as they want what their Mother Luna wants -- peace among the children of the gods. Love is love to them, regardless of breed, species, gender, etc.