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Story: Long ago, after the gods had formed the lands, skies, and sea, they created a race of laborers to better serve their children. The humans are seen as the lowest of creatures and beings on the hierarchy of the earth. Most still are seen as nothing more than breeding stock, cattle, or slaves to the children of the gods, however there are still some that have earned their freedom.  Some even own their own businesses or farms, though they know well not to get on the bad side of any of the children of the gods since their freedoms could easily be revoked. This has resulted in many humans forming a bitterness towards the Hikari and the Okami.

Appearance: No animalistic features of any kind. Just your everyday, generic human. Most are born into slavery so they are typically seen in silks, leather, or scraps of clothing. Those that are owned might be dressed better by their owners. Those born free dress as they please, depending on their income.

Stereotypes on Miscegenation (mixed race pairings): It’s fairly common for a human to not take a human mate.It’s usually a preference to have a child with one of

the children of the gods since it will give their offspring a chance to have a better upbringing. Pairing with a Hikari is rather rare but pairing with an Umimizu is incredibly rare since living underwater is next to impossible.